Our Philosophy

Our lives, everything we do and have, covers the ground we walk on. 

Thinking of ourselves as bound to the earth in this way allows us to draw sustenance from the form and function of what we create and consume, while compelling us to take responsibility for the choices we make in the garden, in the home—in our lives. 

Drawing deeply on the Arts and Crafts Movement, based in the values of skilled craftsmanship and local materials, groundcover brings together thoughtful design and creative space to foster opportunities for inspiration and connection.



About Us

Designed by Lucia Terry, owner of Perennial Point of View, groundcover offers a wide variety of products, from a lively selection of seasonal plant materials and favorite gardening tools, to locally handcrafted, found, repurposed and upcycled items for the home and garden. 

We offer natural and botanically inspired products for your home, garden, and person.