Seeking companion business to share our space in Bridgton

We’re a young local shop looking to share our space at 209 Main Street with complimentary initiatives of the foodie and maker types. 

Groundcover would like to provide a delightful and tasty vegetarian cafe experience for our customers, so we are looking for a foodie-type that is creative, organic, locally-sourced, with a focus baked goods. We can offer:

  • 130 sq. ft. kitchen (commercial license in process) 

  • Front room for up to 20 seats of (compostable or recyclable) paper service

  • Parking and delivery access in back

  • Flexible sub-lease

Our barn is also looking for more action! We think it would be great for a small-scale workshop or makerspace, for example we have imagined lamp repair as well as bicycle repair and rental in there. What do you dream of doing? We are open to proposals. 

Groundcover is a shop designed around a botanical theme, offering all sorts of products for garden, home, personal use, and gifting—with a strong commitment to lasting value and sustainability.

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