What if every day was Earth Day?

Spring is seeping into my bones, and into my psyche. It’s an easy time to be with the earth, to be earth conscious, earthbound. April should be Earth Month, not Earth Day coming up! What if every day were earth day?
It’s easy to become stuck, and overwhelmed by the size of the task before us. Reduce, reuse, recycle used to be just something with a nice ring to it… a reminder certainly. Recycle used to be the solution we thought, for so much. But now we know it’s not. And the trash! What’s still trash after the three Rs? That’s not someone else’s trash in the ocean, it’s ours! Now, with the need staggering, we must dig in to these terms with the nice ring, and start clanging the bell! 
Reduce is always first and biggest and most important. Reduce is where we start. We start right here. What does that really mean to you? Reduce your footprint… how do you even start? There is inspiration everywhere! There are so many great ideas. But you cannot do it all at once. How do you actually start? 
If you have kids, do it with them. Kids are on fire for the Earth—they will lead the way. Start with what you throw away. Really look at it, journal it. All of it—packaging, cleaning, broken stuff, and stuff that gets used up. All your choices will evolve from there.

Let's get started,

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