The Heart of Gardening 

Gardening can be all consuming. Now we find ourselves already in July with the heat of summer upon us!

I've been thinking hard about what reduce and reuse mean in the garden. The explosion of all things gardening, the availability of mass-produced plants, and the mulching of America, has made it easy to shift from a real gardening culture to a culture of buying and replacing and mulching, putting multitudes of wrappers and labels and pots and bags into the waste stream.

Creating a truly sustainable garden and then actually gardening in it is the answer to buying too much and the extra plastic pots and labels that go with the buying. Planting what you love and what will truly thrive and benefit your landscape in all the variety of ways we desire is step one. Giving those plants what they need to thrive—the right exposure and soil conditions— is step two. And pruning, dividing and transplanting those plants at the proper times of year to fill your landscape is step three. This is the heart of gardening. 

See you in the garden, 

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