Lucky Gardeners

You may have noticed that May is almost over and I’m just getting this newsletter out to you. After such a long winter Spring finally happened and outside is the place to be. 

I am astonished all over again by the return of colors beyond subtle—greens innumerable! The fullness of May holds all the promise of the growing season. The hurry up and wait of spring clean-up and planting, building energy toward the burst of June.

Gardening really is a practice in resilience, and in seeing what may be. We gardeners see the lustre and burnished colors of the greys and browns of winter. We see the resting energy of the gone-by grasses and ferns, the bounty shared from the seedheads of ordinary plants. We see the multitude of colors, indescribable hues of sprouting plants emerging from the ground, and the delicate shapes of unfurling tree leaves. We hope, we thrill, we fill our eyes, silently in awe. We fall in love again and again. We get to experience this every spring, lucky gardeners!

Embracing spring,

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