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Lucky Gardeners

You may have noticed that May is almost over and I’m just getting this newsletter out to you. After such a long winter Spring finally happened and outside is the place to be. 

I am astonished all over again by the return of colors beyond subtle—greens innumerable! The fullness of May holds all the promise of the growing season. The hurry up and wait of spring clean-up and planting, building energy toward the burst of June.

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Welcome to groundcover Notes, our new blog!

Welcome to Groundcover Notes, a blog from Lucia Terry, dreamer, designer, grower, and owner of Perennial Point of View and Groundcover.

In working this winter on a gardening workshop series, it occurred to me once again that the themes of natural, ecologically sustainable and sustaining places, of native plants sustaining native birds and bees, of doing whatever we can, no matter how small that may seem, to be part of a solution and not part of a problem, have become common and universal themes for our time. So when it seems that there is so much information, so much to learn, and so much to do… remember that it is all part of a whole, aspects of the same theme, and it really begins with you. Start Right Here with commitment and things will slowly change.

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